About Us

Our target groups are deprived orphans, deprived children and deprived widows in rural/urban poor communities.


  • Provide education to deprived communities paying attention to orphans, deprived children and widows
  • Supporting communities with health care
  • Creating a common social environment in the rural area to enable children participate in social activities
  • Promoting opportunities for income generation activities to enable community members and widows in particular become independent
  • Provide equal opportunities to orphans and deprived children by introducing them to computer technology


    Partnering with International NGOs, Churches, Cooperate organization etc
  • Partnering with companies and financial institutions to facilitate an atmosphere for economic support to rural development
  • Engaging and collaborating with individuals for support Promoting a platform for community leaders to ensure social care and protect poor orphans, deprived children and widows
  • Building capacities of deprived widows to be equipped to access resources that will be available to them
  • Providing learning and social centers e.g.: introduction to computers, libraries, good news clubs etc. Working with youths in HOCAP school clubs to raise funds and create awareness on supporting a needy child

Supporting Partners