Home of Care and Protection

Home of Care and Protection (HOCAP) is a Christian NGO working with deprived children, deprived orphans and deprived widows in rural and urban poor communities. The main objective of HOCAP is to ensure that children have equal opportunities in life wherever they find themselves. Our entire focus is based on Psalm 68:5: “God, who lives in his sacred temple cares for orphans and protects widows” (GNB). HOCAP is therefore dedicated to helping the needy especially deprived orphans, deprived children and widows.


HOCAP exist to provide care and protection for deprived orphans, deprived children and deprived widows in poor rural/urban communities.


Our vision is to have rural and urban poor communities where deprived orphans, deprived children and widows have equal opportunities for development.

Target Groups

The target groups are deprived orphans, deprived children and deprived widows in rural/urban poor communities

Core Values

Child Focus

Caring & Protecting the underprivileged

Education as a right

Transparency & Accountability

Departments We Operate

Christian Nurture

HOCAP seeks to draw men and women to the love of Jesus Christ. This is done through the preaching of the gospel, showing the love of Christ to the deprived at all times especially through Christmas and Easter outreach programs.


HOCAP is careful to make sure that education for the child is a must and does everything possible to make sure that children within its operational areas have access to education.


The total wellbeing of a person is important to make him or her functional. HOCAP works within communities that are deprived and most often does not have health care facility.


Community members within areas that HOCAP works in are mostly small scale farmers and traders. Community members are given opportunity to learn other agricultural techniques that will enhance the traditional ways of doing things with the altimate aim of increasing output and profitability

You Can Make a Difference

By the grace of God HOCAP has been very fortunate to partner different organizations  and individuals that have made the work of HOCAP very fruitful since 2009.


Together with our partners, we bring positive change.

Become a Proud Partner

You have the potential to create a profound and lasting difference in the lives of  deprived children across the country