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HOME OF CARE AND PROTECTION (HOCAP) is a Christian NGO working with deprived children, deprived orphans, and deprived widows in rural and urban poor communities. The main objective of HOCAP is to ensure that children have equal opportunities in life wherever they find themselves. Our entire focus is based on Psalm 68:5: “God, who lives in his sacred temple cares for orphans and protects widows” (GNB). HOCAP is therefore dedicated to helping the needy especially deprived orphans, deprived children and widows.

HOCAP was incorporated under the Companies Code, 1963 (Act 179) on the 3rd of September 2009. On the 7th of December 2009 the Department of Social Welfare under the Republic of Ghana

Founders Message

Rev. Barbara Asempa the founder of HOCAP got her inspiration to setup an NGO to help alleviate poverty after she had worked for ten years as an Information Technologist in World Vision Ghana. Her desire is to see deprived children, especially orphans radiate with hope and joy  as they are given various opportunity to grow up in a conducive environment.

She believes that as a Christian one of our key mandate is to help the poor. So, we in HOCAP work hard to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, take in strangers, cloth the naked, visit the sick and visit those in prison. We do all we do as a command from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as stated in Matthew 25:34 – 36.

Rev. Asempa has nursed the organization by the grace of God for the past fifteen years. The success of the organization include setting up a school in the community of Okushibri where there was no school and today the school has over 800 children. The drilling of bore holes for communities without potable water, building of a clinic to mention but a few. She says all the above would not have been possible if God did not touch the hearts of individuals, volunteers, organization to join hands and hearts together to help bring smiles to the faces of the poor.

She says the way forward is for HOCAP to narrow down on what it believes it what God is calling them to do. Setting up an orphanage for very deprived children and shelter for homeless children.


HOCAP exist to provide care and protection for deprived orphans, deprived children and deprived widows in poor rural/urban communities. It seeks to provide orphans and the under privileged children an enabling environment for development through the provision of education, health care, advocacy, small scale enterprise and microfinance.


Our vision is to have rural and urban poor communities where deprived orphans, deprived children and widows have equal opportunities for development.

Target Groups

The target groups are deprived orphans, deprived children and deprived widows in rural/urban poor communities

Core Values

Child Focus

Caring & Protecting the underprivileged

Education as a right

Transparency & Accountability

Board Members

Rev. Reuben Gaskin

Rev. Barbara Asempa

Miss Harriet Patience Darko

Mr. Samuel Laryea

Miss Cynthia Aduamoah


By the grace of God HOCAP has been very fortunate to partner different organization and individuals that have made the work of HOCAP very fruitful since 2009.


HOCAP work is supported by a number of volunteers both within Ghana and out side Ghana. Church members especially from the Presbyterian Church of Ghana where the founder worships have  had the most of volunteers supporting.  

Volunteer driven project: Some Volunteers take up projects and fully fund the project. Ama a student in the USA, came to volunteers with the HOCAP and did a fund raising to provide stationary for the children of Nyitawuta community a very deprived community.

Mellisa a volunteer who was introduced to the organization through Seven Hills Global Outreach, came to Ghana and stayed for month helping the Okushibri and Kpoi – Ete community in alternative farming. She supported most youth in the community to set up a poultry farm as an alternative farm project to the farming of vegetables which was basically seasonal and once the rains were over, they became idle. The youth bought into her idea and during the dry season had something to do the earn income

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