Health Talk 2010

There was a medical outreach program for two communities Okushibri and Appolonia.
Community members were educated on the use of the child’s weighing card and all the illustrations in the booklet were explained in the local dialect
Both the young and the old participated in the health talk

Screening Activities

All  children in the community were attended to. Medications were given to all who were not well and needed to be given medicines.

Malaria Prevention

Demonstration of the use of long lasting insecticide treated bed nets were given to mothers with babies in the community. This was to make sure babies were not exposed to mosquito bites.

Talk on Clean Water

Needs assessment done in the community revealed that potable water was not readily available. There was a talk on the need to drink potable water and HOCAP provided a borehole for the community donated by Mama Gladys.

Medical Outreach

As part of our interest in bringing quality health care to the door step of  deprived communities, HOCAP in collaboration with OTM, Nii Okine Ministries and other partners from the USA, went on a medical mission in the Gonten community. Neighbouring communities also came to Gonten to be attended to.

There was a health talk on family planning and all sick people were treated and given free medication.

Acupuncture outreach

In collaboration with a partner, a Korean team visited  Kpoi-ete and had a medical talk with the people. The community members present experienced  acupuncture treatment for the first and free vitamins was shared for all present

Honorable Peter Nortsu , Member of Parliament (MP ) for Akatsi North and Seven Hills Global Outreach (SHGO) team Visit Nyitawuta Community

The honourable Peter Nortsu MP for Akatsi North leads HOCAP to one of its deprived communities to bring development to the people. 

SHGO team  led by Dr. Jordan visited Nyitawuta community in the volta region in the company of the MP of the area.  The children in the community who were among the group gathered to welcome the visiting team made a passionate appeal for potable water since they had to travel for miles to get water and this always made them late to school. 

Dr. Jordan the leader of the team was touched by the request by both children and adult and decided to help give Nyitawuta  a borehole.

 community and Okushibri Community


HOCAP in partnership with Redemption Congregation PCG undertook a medical outreach where all community members including children were attended to and giving medication were necessary.

A doctor and a Nurse gave a medical talk to the community members. Community members were given a talk on the negative effect of bleaching . This topic was chosen because it was realised that some  women in the community were  bleaching their bodies.

The MP of Akatsi North Commisions Borehole in Nyitawuta

Nyitawuta Community Members Happy About The Borehole

KVIP constructed for the Nyitawuta community by SHGO

The Nyitawuta community had no KVIP and to address some of the issues of health and sanitation Seven Hills Global Outreach donated one to the community.

Medical Outreach in Nyitawuta

HOCAP had an annual medical outreach for the Nyitawuta community, the community does not have a health post. The team who took care of all the community members and people from neighbouring communities were made up of doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians etc.

A paediatrician attended to the children and they were given medication. A total of over 300 people were present to be seen by the doctors. Also present at this program were  Seven Hills Global Outreach team.  

 Dr. Jordan the leader of the SHGO team inspects project projects funded for SHGO including a bore hole. He came along with students from the Clark University. 

Miss Pamela Baffour Djan donates menstrual hygiene products to communities

A donor from London, Miss Pamela Baffour Djan,  donated two big boxes of sanitary pad to the okushibri school and the Otchebreku school.Mrs Akrofi, a nurse gave a talk to the girls in both schools on good grooming and how to keep clean during menstruation. The issue of abstinence from pre-marital sex was emphasised and the girls were encouraged to open up to their parents. Both teachers and students were very happy about the talk and also the distribution of the sanitary pads.

Menstrual Hygiene Training In Okushibri and Otchbreku communities

HOCAP through funding received from WPC, conducted a needs assessment of what happens when girls start menstruation in their teenage age. Our findings lead us to organize a training by a nurse and a social worker. We also began sewing the sanitary pad for the girls to avoid depending on men to buy sanitary pads in return for sex which ended up in girls dropping from school and teenage pregnancy.

Health 2020

Westminster Presbyterian Church (WPC) Albany supports teenage girls with menstrual hygiene training and resources

Teenage girls in the community received their annual menstrual hygiene training . This was well attended by all teenage girls in the community. This is to help teenagers manage the challenges they get into when they start menstruating and also to address the issues of teenage pregnancy in the community which is alarming.  This training empowers the girls to make informed decision.

HOCAP supported a community member to undergo an eye surgery. All reviews have been done and the man have since returned to his carpentry work. He is the one who made the furniture for the women to use in the bakery.  There was a medical emergency in the community, A man swallowed a bone that got stuck in his throat.  The community rushed him to the hospital and by the Grace of God he was attended to and discharged with HOCAP paying for the entire bill since the man could not afford to pay

Eye Surgery

SHGO through HOCAP sponsors a community member to undergo eye surgery

A community member was identified during a medical outreach organized by HOCAP to have need of  eye surgery. The surgery was sponsored by SHGO.

The surgery was successful.  

Work Begins On Constructions Of A Clinic

The first phase of the construction of the community clinic started successfully. There were challenges because the rains started and the roads were flooded and the community was temporally cut off.

But fortunately we were still able to bring the first phase of the construction to an end, with completion of the foundation structure of the clinic. The building contractor worked closely with the community. They supported the work with communal labor. The entire community is excited, we are looking forward to raise funds to complete the project.

Health Clinic Construction Continues

The phase two of the clinic building project for the Nyitawuta community started on 2nd November, 2021. The materials for the building was sent to the community in batches, again this was due to the fact that the road is bad and most vehicles refuse to take materials to that part of town.

The youth of the community were very helpful; they helped carry all the materials to the actual site of the building from where it was dropped off by the vehicles since they were unwilling to take it to the actual site to avoid their vehicles getting problems due to the nature of the road.

Immediately materials arrived in the community fully, men were engaged to start moulding the blocks. Local workers from around the community who knew how to mould blocks were engaged and together with support from the community over 2000 blocks were moulded.

The contractor had on board four permanent workers who began the mason works of laying of the blocks once moulding was completed. The carpenters also started to work on the wood, we are glad to say that all the carpenters were hired from the community and the surrounding communities. The metal work also began, the contractor brought in a steel worker, who worked on all the steel to be used. By the end of December the phase two of the project had come to an end, the block work were all completed

Health Clinic Construction Continues-2022

About 80% of the work on the clinic is completed. All electrical works are completed: full conduit wiring is done and all fittings have also been fully installed. Plumbing fixtures have been bought and installed. We are happy to also say that a bio-digester toilet system has also been constructed.

The mason also completed the screeding and plastering and tiles have been installed in all the rooms. The carpenter is done with the ceiling, louvers and all internal doors have been put in place with two security doors at the main entrance. An overhead water tank has been bought and the mason is currently working on the stand where the water tank will be mounted. This will be used to harvest rain water during the rainy season for use in the clinic.

When all the above work was completed, it was realized that there was a need for at least one bath tub in the clinic. This is currently being worked on.

Health Clinic Construction Completed

HOCAP is happy to announce that the clinic is in its final stage now. The phase 4 is completed, doors, windows, plastering, tiles, fixing of electrical fixtures like fans have all been completed. What is currently left is bathroom fittings, bio digester for the wash rooms and finally, painting.

The clinic building is on going. We are grateful to God that we have been able to build the bio gas and also fixed all the plumbing fixtures. There was the need to do an expansion to add one more bathroom and this has been completed. The overhead water tank is being fixed over this weekend. It is our prayer that the clinic will be operational by the end of the next quarter in the year 2023. By the Grace of God the clinic building is completed. The water tank mount was completed and a rain harvest system was installed. The tank is currently filled with rain water that was harvested.

The bath tub is also completed. The plumber has done the final work to see if water runs through all the taps and that was successful. The painting work is completed both inside and outside. All extra tiling work that was left have been done and the bath tub that was created is also completed.

The clinic building is on going. We are grateful to God that we have been able to build the bio gas and also fixed all the plumbing fixtures. There was the need to do an expansion to add one more bathroom and this has been completed. The overhead water tank is being fixed over this weekend. It is our prayer that the clinic will be operational by the end of the next quarter in the year 2023. By the Grace of God the clinic building is completed. The water tank mount was completed and a rain harvest system was installed. The tank is currently filled with rain water that was harvested.

Furnishing Of The Clinic In Nyitawuta

To the glory of God the clinic has been furnished. The OPD, is furnished with a table and chair for the staff and also chairs for clients visiting the facility. There is also a wheel chair at the OPD. The pharmacy/ dressing room is also furnished with a table and chair, two step medicine trolley and a cabinet for storage. The doctors office is furnished with a table and chair and an examination bed. The delivery room is furnished with a delivery bed. The detaining room is furnished with one crank bed, ward screen and a drip stand

Medical Outreach – Personal Hygiene 2022

HOCAP engaged the services of a medical team who took the Nyitawuta community school children through a medical talk and physical examination. There was a talk on personal hygiene which included nail cutting, hand washing, care for the entire body with emphasis on dental care There were teaching aids to demonstrate to children how to take care of their teeth and the effects of not taking care of one’s teeth.

There was physical examination of almost 150 children from lower primary to junior high. All children received a tooth brush and a tooth paste for dental hygiene Each child examined Children receive tooth brush and tooth paste

Personal Hygiene

Each child examined

Children receive tooth brush and tooth paste

Observation from medical outreach: from the examination, most children had ear infection, ear wax, anaemia, spiking temperature. Most children had tooth decay and patches on their skin. Some had itchy skin and there were still issues on what females use during menstruation. The major challenge identified was malnourishment.

Recommendation: the medical team recommended that HOCAP does a regular follow up to treat ill health among these children who suffer because there is no medical facility in the community. They also recommended that the school be provided with a first aid box.

You Can Make a Difference

By the grace of God HOCAP has been very fortunate to partner different organization
 and individuals that have made the work of HOCAP very fruitful since 2009.